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HER-MINE's collaboration with Dream Big Step Small


Kristin Ostrander is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker. She co-founded and co-hosts a weekly podcast titled The Amazon Files. Her grit, hard work and business savvy have changed her life in ways she never thought possible.
From the emotional low of foreclosing on her first home to scaling new heights with multiple successful businesses, she is determined to make an impact in the lives of others by sharing what she learned along the way.
When she’s not taking action in her businesses or supporting others, she can be found spending time with her family on one of the many lakes in Michigan.


Sometimes a fresh start involves taking action to achieve your dreams. We love that Kristin’s book encourages us to take steps even if they are small. Her book is not just for entrepreneurs. As she stated in the introduction "this book was written to help you find, develop, and carry out your purpose one small step at a time."

Dream Big Step Small will give you hope and confidence to put towards the life you dream of without all the overwhelm.



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