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Corporate Gifting

Send specially curated gift boxes from women-owned businesses.
Sending gifts multiple people?
Need to stay in budget?
Want products that will delight?

How Does Corporate Gifting with HER-MINE Work?


We will custom design a card with your logo that you can personalize with your message.

Range of Products

We curate a wide range of products you can select from to create the perfect gift.


We offer various branding options on products and/or packaging.

Hassle Free

We can work within your budget, to provide a customized, personal service from product section through delivery to multiple addresses.


Image Product

Perfectly Curated

Wow such a perfectly curated box!! The box I received was all about the hands and oh boy was it. I loved every single item. Thank you so much for having this awesome box.




Box Fit Perfectly

I can't thank HER-MINE enough for curating such perfect boxes for my coaching clients. Each client felt special and the goodies in the box fit perfectly with my guidance to them to take care of themselves before taking care of others. The company even made a special edition for my male clients.


Marcia W.

Executive Coach


Made my contest winner feel very special I purchased this as part of a self care prize for clients and my winner loved it!


Crystal W.

Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for gift boxes?

All of our gifts are packaged in our signature multicolored HER-MINE gift box featuring images of diverse women. If you are looking for something different in terms of packaging, or you'd like to hear more about incorporating your company brand in your gift, please get in touch via our contact tab or reaching out to corporate@HER-MINE.com and let’s talk details!

Do you make custom client gifts?

We love curating gifts from the products we are partnered with to create a client gift that best reflects your work, your branding, and your company! We are happy to send your client gifts either to you all at once, or directly to your clients with each booking. We have a minimum order of 10 gifts for client gifting.

Do you make corporate gifts?

Yes! We are happy to partner with businesses to create gifts for the holidays, parties, clients, conferences, or for corporate outreach. We will work closely with you to create a custom gift that is perfect for your business and/or event. You can write to us at corporate@HER-MINE.com or use the contact tab - we can't wait to hear more!

How large are your boxes?

Most of our boxes are 10'' x 8'' x 4'' and include between 5-8 items. Our smaller gifts are 9'' x 6'' x 3'' and typically include 3-5 items. Let us know if you were looking for a custom gift with different dimensions!

Do you have any boxes for men?

Yes! We have some wonderful gender neutral and male-oriented products. If we don't currently carry a product, many of our outstanding vendors in our network have a great selection we can pull from.

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