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Release Reset Reinvent Retreat: Jamaica Edition: Kotch, Treasure Beach February 15th - 21st, 2025 


Discover 'Release, Reset, Reinvent' in Treasure Beach, Jamaica—a retreat that blends simple elegance with transformative experiences. This getaway is about more than just the backdrop of swaying palms and ocean breezes; it's a journey of personal and professional growth. Here, authentic island life enhances your journey with freshly cooked meals, warm smiles, and a community spirit.

Bring a sister, friend or come solo and embrace a week of meaningful connections, insightful workshops, and relaxation. Dressed in shorts, sundresses and flip-flops, immerse yourself in a retreat that’s rich with simplicity, beauty, and the magic of new beginnings.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You cherish flexibility in your retreat experience, enjoying the freedom to participate in activities at your own pace—engage as much or as little as suits you.
  • You're a seasoned professional or entrepreneur looking to unwind and gain new perspectives in the company of like-minded women, and expanding your professional circle is key.
  • Professional coaching is part of your journey, with access to expert coaching sessions to enhance leadership skills, refine your business strategies, and achieve personal breakthroughs.
  • Holistic wellness is your pursuit, and you're drawn to practices like yoga, breathwork, and holistic health workshops that nurture both body and spirit.
  • Spiritual and emotional growth are paramount, and you're interested in engaging in transformative experiences like guided meditations, sound healing, and powerful release ceremonies.
  • You're looking to reconnect—with yourself, a best friend, or a family member—embracing this transformative journey together, strengthening bonds, and creating unforgettable memories.

What Awaits You:

To honor the retreat's transformative and personal nature, attendance is curated through a thoughtful application and interview process. This ensures a harmonious and supportive group dynamic, essential for the deep work we will engage in.

Upon acceptance, prompt payment within 24 hours secures your place, with flexible payment options available to accommodate your needs.


Caribbean Modern Seaside Peeniwalli Villa

1. Starlight Master Bedroom

Price: $4,350 Single / $6,800 Double ($3,400 PP)

Master bedroom with King-sized bed or 2 XL Twin beds and 360 degree views of ocean and mountains. French doors open up to a wrap-around balcony with an outdoor shower. AC, fans and full ensuite bathroom with private area.

Peeniwalli - Starlight Master Bedroom.svg__PID:ec843855-762a-4afe-b70a-e9701600731f

2. Dragonfly

Price: $3,750 Single / $6,300 Double ($3,150 PP)

Master with King-sized bed or 2 XL Twin beds, AC, fan, full ensuite bathroom and French doors that open to an ocean-facing wrap around verandah with an outdoor shower floating above a canopy of trees.

Peeniwalli - Dragonfly (Room 2).svg__PID:3855762a-8afe-470a-a970-1600731fdeb9

3. Firefly

Price: $3,750 Single / $6,300 Double ($3,150 PP)

Softly curved walls cooled by the shading of the outdoor pergola. Master with King-sized bed or 2 XL Twin beds, AC and fan. Ocean-facing balcony and semi-outdoor shower; full ensuite bathroom.

Peeniwalli - Firefly (Room 3).svg__PID:762a8afe-b70a-4970-9600-731fdeb95442

4. Sweet Tree

Price: $3,750 Single

Ocean-facing patio shaded by the leaves of a sweet tree. Queen-sized bed, AC, fan and full ensuite bathroom.

Peeniwalli - Sweet Tree (Room 4).svg__PID:8afeb70a-e970-4600-b31f-deb95442e278

Caribbean Modern Seaside Steppa Villa

1. Panorama Premium Master Room

Price: $5,100 Single / $7,300 Double ($3,650 PP)

Master bedroom with Adobe-style built-in King bed frame and lounge seating. Wood-louvred French doors open up to a wide rooftop patio with its own plunge pool and sunbathing deck. A second rooftop terrace with outdoor shower is accessed from the full ensuite bathroom. Room includes AC, fans, south-facing ocean views and north-facing Mountain vistas all above a canopy of trees and lush vegetation.

Steppa - Panorama Premium Master Room.svg__PID:b70ae970-1600-431f-9eb9-5442e27892ed

2. Vista Room (Bed 1 & 2)

Price: $4,600 Single / $6,800 Double ($3,400 PP)

Queen-sized bed and ocean-facing balcony, AC, fans and full ensuite bathroom with semi-outdoor shower.

Steppa - Vista Room.svg__PID:e9701600-731f-4eb9-9442-e27892ede354

3. Cozy Room (Bed 1 & 2)

Price: $3,750 Single / $6,800 Double ($3,400 PP)

Double-sized bed, AC, fans and full ensuite bathroom.

Steppa - Cozy Room

We're delighted to extend exclusive offers to enhance your retreat experience:

To accommodate your needs, we offer flexible payment plans with the understanding that full payment is required by December 1, 2024, at 9 AM EST. This ensures that all logistical and preparatory measures are in place to provide you with an unforgettable retreat experience.

PAY IN FULL BENEFITS - up to $600 value
Expires September 15th, 2024

  • Club Mobay if booked by July 15th (subject to availability) - $100 value
  • Additional coaching or healing session (ayurveda, reiki, hynotherapy, holotropic breathwork, free massage) - up to $300 dollar value
  • Free mindfulness and meditation course with workbook - $200 value

We understand that life's unpredictability may affect your plans. While we are unable to provide refunds, we offer the flexibility to transfer your payment to a future retreat within one year, giving you another chance to join us should circumstances change. Alternatively, you may transfer your spot to another traveler, subject to an interview and approval by our organizing team, ensuring that every participant contributes to the harmonious and supportive environment of our retreat.

Your journey of release, reset, and reinvention is important to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Not included: airfare, tips, taxes, food and drink at Pelican Bar and alcohol other than welcome and farewell cocktails.



Illuminating Wisdom®

Marcia Narine Weldon

Marcia is a lawyer, professor, podcaster, best-selling author, and executive coach who works with high achievers in high stress roles. She's certified in breathwork, applied neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation instruction, NLP, reiki, pranic healing, sound healing, hypnotherapy, and other energy psychology modalities. She helps people do what they love and love what they do.



Trudy-Ann Armand

Trudy is the heart and soul of HER-MINE. As an award-winning entrepreneur, business coach, and sought-after speaker, her fierce advocacy for women shines through in her dedication to crafting meaningful and memorable experiences. Her passion for celebrating and supporting women is the driving force behind the unique and nurturing ambiance that characterizes our retreats.


Release Reset Reinvent Retreat: Miami Edition
January 13, 2024

RRR Attendee Quotes - Iliana.png__PID:5a2c2c61-58f7-4b48-977e-1bb51af1db5e
RRR Attendee Quotes - Jan.png__PID:2c2c6158-f7fb-4897-be1b-b51af1db5ea5
RRR Attendee Quotes - Stephanie.png__PID:2c6158f7-fb48-477e-9bb5-1af1db5ea52c

How we spent our day:

At our January 2024 one-day mini retreat, we shared unforgettable moments that we're still glowing from, and we'd love for you to be part of our next one:


  • Reflect & Release Ceremony: Together, we ventured into the heart of self-discovery, uncovering and gently releasing what no longer served us in a ceremony that was as moving as it was liberating. It was a beautiful beginning to our journey.
  • Visioning Session: With hearts open and minds clear, we each envisioned our ideal futures, crafting visions for our days, weeks, and years that sparkled with potential and purpose. The energy in the room was electric with dreams taking flight. Armed with vibrant images and boundless imagination, we created personal vision boards. It was a joyful, creative process that brought our deepest desires to vivid life, and the shared creativity was truly inspiring.
  • Signature Scent Workshop: Delving into the enchanting world of scents, each of us crafted a signature perfume that was a reflection of our individual essence. The air was filled with laughter and the sweet promise of new beginnings.
  • Culinary Adventure: Our culinary adventure was a feast for the senses, where we laughed, cooked, and savored delicious dishes that nourished us body and soul. The camaraderie in the kitchen was as heartwarming as the food was delicious.
  • Integration Conversation: As the day unwound, we gathered for heartfelt conversations, reflecting on our experiences and weaving them into the fabric of our lives. These discussions deepened our connections and left us enriched and inspired.
  • Meditation & Sound Healing: We concluded each day with meditation and sound healing sessions that soothed and centered us, wrapping us in a serene embrace and preparing us for the journey forward, together.

Missed being with us? Don't let the next chance slip by. Join us and be part of these soul-nourishing experiences, where every moment is an opportunity for growth, connection, and joy. We can't wait to welcome you into our circle.

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