August Face Time Box Filled With Items By Female Makers

August is the perfect time to pamper your beautiful face and the HER-MINE Face Time box does just that. All the items were curated from female makers. 

What is in the August HER-MINE Face Time Box you ask?

  1. Watermelon Rose Water Grapefruit Sheet Mask - ESW Beauty
  2. Geometric Design Face Mask
  3. Brown Sugar & Bee Pollen Lip Scrub - Merci + Co
  4. Organic Pink Champagne Tinted Lip Balm - The Laughing Tree Organics
  5. Lip Balm Holder - Lippy Clip
  6. Daily Greens Super Food for the Face - R. Drew Naturals
  7. Organic Cleaning Oil - Honey Belle
  8. Skin Herbal Tea - Vana Tisanes
  9. 100% Natural Soy Wax Massage Candle - Candid Candle Co.

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