Brand Partnership and Product Submissions

We are always looking for new partners that supply quality products ranging from aromatherapy, wellness, beauty and more that we can feel good about putting in our boxes.

We welcome women-run businesses and female artisans. We are also proud to do business with owners that create products that women love. 

We are actively seeking products in our upcoming boxes.

Please complete our Vendor Partner Interest Form

Vendor Partner Testimonials

"Well, first I was honored to be considered to be a vendor for your subscription box. The whole experience was awesome. Great communication was there which made it easier for me to provide exactly what was needed! I loved that you were flexible and easy to work with especially when the candles didn’t come out the way they were supposed to you. You weren’t dismissive or rude you were willing to allow me the time to rework the candles and get them back to you. I think flexibility and great communication are so important. I would definitely love to continue to be a vendor for Her-Mine."  Kiyana, Owner | Candid Candle Co

"Trudy provided resources and ideas to me that I didn't think of to help my business. Getting in contact with her was always easy. Working with her is definitely something I would love to continue to do in the future. I do recommend if you get the chance to work with her and HER-MINE Box, please jump on it." Marsha, Owner | Merci + Co.

"Trudy is such a pleasure to work with. I am so glad she chose Fuze Body to be featured in her launch box. She puts a lot of love and thought in her whole business and it definitely shows through her beautiful boxes. Trudy has been so helpful with the growth of our business. I would love to continue working with Trudy at Her-Mine." Tatiana, Owner | Fuze Body