Fearless Warrior Woman

Fearless Warrior Woman

Fearless Warrior Woman

The shift into the Covid era has upped the anti for women everywhere. The literal fight for life has birthed a new generation of fearless warriors. Our homes, once a haven of rest have become the battlefield doing double duty as offices, classrooms, galleys and quarantine bays. Face masks, antiseptic sprays, immune booting vitamins, herbs and pharmaceuticals are the new weapons of war. Every fearless warrior knows that this arsenal must, of necessity, also include tools for self-care.

One thing this pandemic has taught us is to step outside of the known to create a new health norm. Maybe the most critical component of this phase is reaching out to others. With less opportunity to meet-up, one way to bridge the isolation gap is to connect in ways that feel more tangible. The emerging spirit of humanity is determination to withstand the effects of today’s stressors. It means taking a fresh look at what your current needs are and setting healthy boundaries to ensure that those needs are being met.  Fearlessly taking a stand for self at the risk of judgment. This new paradigm encompasses the four pillars of self-care.  

  1. Connecting with others. According to a landmark study, the lack of social interaction is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. As traditional gatherings become more elusive, finding ways to make virtual interactions more tangible can be as simple as sending your loved one a beautiful care package filled with the unexpected or not. A HER-MINE gift box will encourage any woman to begin a pampering ritual. Make this repetitious and she experiences effortless indulgence that creates an ongoing meaningful connection with you. Of course, it takes a fearless warrior to make such a bold move. 
  1. Movement. Keeping the body in optimum condition through regular movement is also more important than ever. The endorphins that are released when we exercise has been proven to reduce stress. If you don’t feel safe going to the gym, light a beautiful energizing candle, tap on that new exercise app and start moving.
 Woman Self Care Movement
  1. Sleep. National guidelines advise that adults need approximately seven to nine hours of sleep each night.  With so much going on in our homes these days, it can be difficult to consistently maintain a sleep schedule.  Research also shows that lack of sleep or poor sleep has cumulative negative effects on our health. With the need for health so critical today, getting sufficient and good quality sleep cannot be overstated. Here are a couple recommendations that can create a favorable environment that is conducive to sleep.
a) Soft surfaces, soothing light, cool temperatures and a lavender infused bath are elements that encourage sleep.
b) Establish a practical sleep schedule based on your current lifestyle.
c) Reduce blue light at least thirty-minutes before bedtime.

 self care women sleep

  1. Meditate. Maybe the best thing about meditation is that you don’t need anything but yourself to do it. Still, while you may not need anything most people find it hard to meditate. Setting the stage by creating a meditation space with soft cushions, ambient lighting and igniting the senses with scent is a great way to motivate you to start a meditation practice. Explore the various meditation practices and settle on one that speaks to you. Meditation has been shown to alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase imagination. 

The time to prioritize yourself and self-care is here.  Get your HER-MINE self-care subscription box today. They’re designed to remind you to relax and practice self-care. All items in our self-care lifestyle boxes are filled with products from women-businesses. If we didn’t love the products ourselves, we wouldn’t send them to you! Become a fearless warrior when it comes to taking care of yourself and put self-care back in your life this month. 

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