HER-MINE's Collaboration with DOUGLAS SWEETS

HER-MINE's Collaboration with DOUGLAS SWEETS


After a career change and completing culinary school she entered the culinary world to become a formidable pastry chef. She made the leap into teaching. As her curriculum evolved it became more about educating students about entrepreneurship through their culinary gifts. Eventually this made her want to explore rebuilding her brand (successfully) in an effort to come back to education and say ok this is how we do it right. Today she's the proud owner of The Marshmallow of the Month Club. By leveraging my marketplace listing on Cratejoy she was able to grow her subscription box from 5 (August 2019) subscribers to 300 (by July 2020) without any personal investment, borrowed capital, or paid ads.


Holiday Box Traditional Shortbread Cookies

These original shortbread biscuits came from a recipe that has been treasured by generations. The premium quality butter is used to ensure a delicious flavor and our careful baking process offers a light crisp texture. These cookies are packaged in a beautiful resealable bag.


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