HER-MINE's Collaboration with Roze + Quartz


Jordan's roots are in the hair industry.
After decades of watching her stylist Mom,
she noticed that salons no longer had exclusive retail
products; they launched Roze + Quartz in winter 2019 to support small businesses, many single Moms like hers. Three months later, Covid19 and salon
closures brought wild uncertainties for their startup.
But with luck, faith, and effort, Roze + Quartz
managed to pivot and thrive.
Their intentionally inclusive products are for all hair types. Inspired by the rose quartz, she encourages you to repeat positive affirmations while using your Hair Mask.


Roze + Quartz’ Super 7 with Facet Fix™ Bond Builder, Anti-frizz, Detangler, Heat Guard, UV Filter, Moisture Treatment + Color Preserver.


  • PRODUCT INSPIRATION: Also known as Sacred or Melody Stone and found only in Brazil, the real-life Super Seven is a wonder gem that contains seven crystals in one! Loaded with all the positive energy you need, our powerhouse product performs just like her namesake. Be empowered by 7 features for super healthy hair!




Roze + Quartz’ CHAKRA SERUM encircles locks with aligned shine and silky energy for radiant movement you’ll feel instantly.


  • PRODUCT INSPIRATION: Energy flows through your chakras. Angel Aura quartz cleanses + balances so your inner shimmer can shine! A high vibration stone, the Angel Aura embodies joy, light and positivity. Prone to feeling down, Gem? Keep one nearby. May its cheery demeanor inspire you to find the good in today, and most importantly, to see it in yourself.




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