HER-MINE's collaboration with Voesh

HER-MINE's collaboration with Voesh


They believe that taking care of yourself should be something that you look forward to and enjoy every day. Because whether you’re at home or at the salon, self-care should be simple.
Their mission is to empower our community to make more conscious choices by giving access to clean, effective skincare dedicated to your well-being, mood included. They believe that what’s not in the formula is just as important as what is, so they left out the 1,400 banned ingredients in the EU.







There’s nothing a fresh manicure can’t fix. Treat your tired hands with our Vitamin Recharge Mani in a Box Waterless 3 Step. This all-in-one spa manicure kit is infused with Vitamin C to experience a burst of freshness and deliver happy skin! Nothing improves your mood like a good manicure. Indulge in some me-time and pamper your hands with our Vitamin Recharge manicure! Infused with natural pink grapefruit extract, this hand treatment revitalizes both skin and senses to make you look and feel refreshed. This easy, skin vigorating mani makes self-care so simple, you’ll look forward to giving yourself me-time on the regular.




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