Kelly - owner of Aloe Unique US

We are celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring the amazing women behind HER-MINE box and in our community. 💁🏾‍♀️❤️Meet Kelly, owner of Aloe Unique US and a HER-MINE Vendor Partner.



What are you most proud of?
- Our all-female team's ability to start this business from scratch--in the middle of Covid!-- and attain success!

What does being a warrior woman mean to you?
- It means keeping God first, family second and all else comes next. My Aloe Unique female business partners are part of the family now. Being a warrior - we need to recognize our strengths, our goals and PLAN every single day how we can achieve everything we want to!

What is the name of your company?
- Aloe Unique US @aloeuniqueusofficial

What would you like people to know about your
- We are a woman-owned small business (from 3 countries, we speak 6 languages collectively). Our products contain Aloe FEROX which is 20 times stronger to heal the skin than aloe vera!!

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