Saidah - Owner of Marshmallow of the Month Club

We are celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring the amazing women behind HER-MINE box and in our dynamic community. 💁🏾‍♀️❤️Meet Saidah, owner of Marshmallow of the Month Club and a HER-MINE Vendor Partner.



What are you most proud of?
- I am overjoyed, proud, and thankful that I created my own source of income.
What does being a warrior woman mean to you?
- When I think of myself as a warrior woman I imagine myself in regal clothing wearing a high crown standing proud and strong regardless of life's circumstances. I've learned not to focus on the struggle, but who I will become on the other side of the challenges.
What is the name of your company?
- Marshmallow of the Month Club.
What would you like people to know about your
- When you subscribe to the Marshmallow of the Month Club expect more than marshmallows. Your monthly subscription is all about making time for more joy in your day, whether alone, with that special someone, or with your family!

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