HER-MINE's Collaboration with BeNat

HER-MINE's Collaboration with BeNat


Nadia Pena is the founder and owner of BeNat. A mother of 3, wellness and environment-focused, Nadia migrated from Mexico 15 years ago. A proud American highly engaged in her community, Nadia started working with simple and safe formulas to make products at home for her family. Soon after, other families became avid consumers as she continued to develop her passion for healthy, all-natural, eco-friendly choices.
Nadia first started working on deodorants and hair care products, and as demand and production expanded, so did the BeNat product line-up in areas like makeup, dental care, soap bars, and skincare.
Nadia’s uncompromised devotion of using all-natural, high-quality, fewer ingredients, making products in small batches that resonate with the conscious consumer of our time.
BeNat’s mission is to provide healthy, all-natural, sustainable choices that are good for you and our planet, and as Nadia loves to say, make the switch today and let's do good together!


  • This awesome superfine bamboo fibers facial brush will help you exfoliate dead facial skin cells while brightening your skin and keeping it firm.
  • Gently cleans pores, and removes blackheads, oil, and other dirt. It is soft and gentle on delicate skin, while effective in cleaning.
  • Its massaging action will leave your face looking clean and fresh. You'll just love it!
  • This brush has a strong wooden handle and naturally derived bristles.
  • Natural. Eco-friendly. Low-waste. Non-electric. A must-have in your skincare environmental-friendly products collection!




We love this little ice roller. Just pop it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Pull it out once it is chilled preferably overnight, just roll it over your face to leave your skin feeling toned and refreshed. Trudy keeps hers in a little fridge under her desk and pulls it out during the day for a few moments of bliss. It is said to help soothe away redness, irritation, and inflammation and relax the facial muscles to release tension.


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