HER-MINE's Collaboration with Luxie

HER-MINE's Collaboration with Luxie


Tammy set out to produce the world’s first high-quality vegan makeup brush, after owning a beauty retail store in Los Angeles. She traversed the globe researching her new endeavor, gleaning information from her travels before debuting Luxie’s signature Rose Gold collection—a luxe set of brushes recognized by their rose gold ferrules and pretty pink handle. Tammy knew the importance of incorporating her values—instilled in her by her parents, she says—into her everyday life, “which is why Luxie has such a well-defined moral code,” she says. “I always wanted to make an impact, especially with our customers, giving them a unique experience.”



A great brush is usually a welcome addition to a make-up bag. We love the color and quality of this brush, but what we love most of all is that it is vegan.
This classic brush features premium soft, synthetic bristles encased in a rose gold ferrule atop a chic pink handle, making them not only functional but a beautiful addition to your vanity. We also included a wipe to clean your brush on the go.


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