HER-MINE's collaboration with Cheryl Stevens Studio

Cheryl Stevens Studio


It all started in her little backyard shed in the summer of 2008. Her girlfriends came to visit and insisted that the 10 rough-looking clay pendants I had recently made, were "adorable!”

It has been 13 years since she started this journey in to the handmade world. WOW... yes, it has been a lot of work and she have made plenty of mistake along the way... but, what an amazing way to make a living! As she look back at her life as a small business person, it is hard to believe that she have...
  • Owned a brick and mortar store
  • Sold her ceramic jewelry at hundreds of art/craft fairs
  • Developed online stores in both retail and wholesale platforms
  • Over 300 stores across the country have carried Cheryl Stevens Studio
  • Her products are currently sold by a mail order catalog company
  • Currently sell on Etsy
  • Been an employer to full time, part time and sub contractors in her community
  • Received one of Michigan's top 12 small businesses awards by the Michigan SBDC in 2017

If you would have told her all those years ago, when she started dabbling in craft shows, that she would develop a "real" business... she would have told you that there was NO way she could ever do that!

If you are a small creative business or have a dream of selling your creative work... she's so happy for you!

Don't let the "what if's" or "how can I grow my business?" get the best of you! Keep putting one foot in front of the other and push ahead. Please don't listen to the little voice in your head that wants you to turn around and go back to where you feel "safe". The largest growth you will have in developing your business is when you get uncomfortable. Because, on the other side of that discomfort is the success you deserve!

- Cheryl



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