HER-MINE's collaboration with Taylor Made Organics

HER-MINE's collaboration with Taylor Made Organics

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Taylor Made Organics

Her daughter, Taylor, just a few months old, had a severe case of diaper rash. Me at the time was studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor so she knew a bit about which herbs or oils would be most helpful. As she shuffled through a box of herbs and essential oils, She grabbed a few and went to work on formulating a salve to clear up her diaper rash and provide a protective barrier. Little did she know that those skills she learned as a child, being creative in grandma’s kitchen, and the love for alternative medicine instilled in her heart would begin a lifelong journey for her and her family.
After seeing how quickly the diaper rash healed, I knew it was time to not only formulate additional products but to help those who have for years searched for products to relieve their ongoing skin condition.

As the years went by, our line flourished into therapeutic salves and creams, bath and body products, hair care, bar soaps, and more. After outgrowing our current space, we built a shop, grew our online store, and began selling our products retail and wholesale all over America.




We want you to look like a Fearless Warrior with this high-performance lipstick that leaves your lips conditioned and nourished? Trudy loves red lipstick and you will often see her wearing it in photos and on lives.
That's exactly what their naturally pigmented lipsticks do! Each condition the lips with THREE ultra-rich kinds of butter (cupuacu, mango, and cocoa butter) and antioxidant Vitamin E.

Key benefits

  • beautiful tint from mica
  • superior moisturizer to hydrate and
  • protect dry/chapped lips
  • repairs damaged skin


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