HER-MINE's collaboration with Cozy Candles LLC

Cozy Candles LLC

Cozy Candles began as a form of self-care for Founder and sole Candle Crafter, Natasha Nienhuis. The more Natasha explored and tested waxes, scents, and wicks, the more her desire grew to share her passion with others. Cozy Candles took its first official breath in December of 2021 at the Palmetto Bay Farmers Market as Co-Owners Natasha and husband, Mitchell Nienhuis, shared their Winter, Mandle, and Everyday Collections with local folks. Currently, Cozy Candles reaches people across the U.S. through their Etsy shop and monthly attendance at local farmers' markets. Natasha and Mitchell hope to continue to share their passion for candle crafting, entrepreneurship, and cozy home with folks across the country!




This delicious candle titled ‘Wine Night’ presents an elegant blend of black cherries and merlot hand-poured with buckets of love. Simply, light your cotton wick and let the flames of your Cozy Candle dance!
 Always remember to trim your wick before your next burn.
Each Cozy Candle is made using 100% soy wax sourced in the Midwest region of the United States. Similarly, all of the fragrance oils used are Phthalate Free and handcrafted in Wisconsin, USA by local makers.


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