HER-MINE's Collaboration with FH & L Creations




FH&L is a handmade jewelry business based out of Kansas City, Missouri run by mother-daughter duo Amanda and Julie. They started back in 2017 making leather earrings. They soon realized that in order to stand out from their competition they needed unique designs. Today they not only design earrings but have expanded to using new materials such as wood and acrylic. They have added more family members to their business and are steadily growing. They just recently opened up their own store located in Parkville Missouri. FH&L wants to show women that they can have unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry at great prices that makes them feel beautiful.






We know it helps to have another warrior in your corner, so that is why we include two (2) fearless bracelets in your box. Of course you can keep and wear both, but we encourage you to gift one to another fearless warrior in your life. It says "I see you" which is a powerful message of acknowledgement and support.

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