HER-MINE's Collaboration with Hotline Hair Ties



Hotline Hair Ties was created in 2017 when Megan was looking for a solution for the perfect hair tie. She had been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder that caused debilitating migraines daily, and she hadn't been able to wear her hair in a simple ponytail for over a year because of the pain it caused. She knew a better solution had to be out there, and that's when she found out about coil hair ties. At that time, there were only the small, thin, black ones that would easily get caught in your hair and stretch out instantly. She knew she could make them better. Hotline Hair Ties was born! She used her background in the boutique world to find a manufacturer to create the hair ties to her exact specifications, and she launched the brand not expecting much but just happy she had a way to wear her hair up now without being in pain.






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