HER-MINE's collaboration with Grace & Stella

HER-MINE's collaboration with Grace & Stella

Grace & Stella

Meet Adi and Kailee. A husband & wife - and also new parents - with a passion for clean, affordable, and fun beauty products.
Launched in 2016, grace & Stella was built on a dedication for ‘feel-good moments’, and the principle that these moments positively impact other aspects of life. Little ‘feel-goods’ domino into big ‘feel-goods’, and they’re here for that. Self-care goes beyond skincare - it’s about fostering meaningful connections with one’s self and having fun while doing it.



Grace & Stella's hot + cool gel bead sleep mask soothes and adds comfort to your eye area. The microwave-safe beads can be heated up or cooled down in the refrigerator to fit your liking. When the mask is cool, it can help with tired, puffy eyes and wake you up when you need it. When warm, the mask aids in getting a relaxing night's sleep as well as reducing any congested sinuses and increasing blood flow to your eye area. The super-soft, plush backing makes it super comfortable on the eyes. No uncomfortable, cold, hard plastic here!



  • Eliminates puffy eyes and dark circles beneath the eyes
  • Relieves congestion and increases blood flow to the eye area
  • Helps to keep out any light in your room, which creates the best napping environment
  • Microwave-safe
  • Soft, plush backing


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